Concealed Carry

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A safety check is required before you can shoot Concealed Carry for information and a safety check
call Rick Naslund  360-303-9519


Clark Cotner  360-961-3939

We need volunteers to help R/O and or help set up and design stages, try it you might like it, well help you learn.

Concealed Carry is a match designed to get you comfortable and proficient with the gun you could or do carry. You will need your firearm, approved holster, 3 mags, flashlight, 120 rounds, and concealment garment. If you do not have a flashlight we will have one you can borrow. 

Matches will typically be 5 stages, and the entry fee is $15. Please click on “match rules” to familiarize yourself with the discipline. 

Remember: New shooters need a safety check prior to participating, and this may not be done the day of the match. 
If you are a current IPSC, Tactical Rifle, or COWBOY ACTION SHOOTER you may be safety checked the day of the match, however all safety checks must be prearranged, see above for contact information.

How to get a Conceal Carry permit

Washington State Conceal Carry Application
Right to Carry Concealed Carry
CC Laws Gun law by State

Things You’ll Need:

• Sixty dollars
• Driver’s license or state-issued ID
• Extra fee if you wish your permit to be laminated

 Step 1

Verify that you meet the requirements for applying for a concealed carry permit. You must be 21 years old, not convicted of a felony 
or found not guilty of a felony by reason of insanity and do not have any outstanding warrants.

Step 2

Pick up an application for a concealed carry permit at your local sheriff’s department or chief of police. You will have to submit this application in person. 
When you go to pick up your application, it may save you time if you are prepared to fill it out on the spot.

Step 3

Pay a $60 application fee when you turn in your application. You will also need your driver’s license or state-issued ID and you must be fingerprinted. 
Usually, you will be fingerprinted at the same time you turn in your application.

Step 4

Laminate your permit to carry a concealed gun or pay an additional fee to have it laminated.

Step 5

Renew your concealed carry permit after five years.

Step 6

Remember that you cannot carry a concealed gun with or without a permit at schools, courthouses, jails, mental facilities, any areas where people younger than 






2014 Schedule

JAN – 4 JULY – 13 & 26
FEB – CALL AUG – 10 & 23
MAR – 22 SEPT 14 & 27
APR – 13 & 26 OCT 12 & 25
MAY – 11 & 24 NOV 9 & 22
JUNE – 8 & 28 DEC – NO

Chairman: Clark Cotner

Phone: 360-961-3939 


Saturday match registration starts 9:30am
Match starts 10:00am
Match fee is $15.00

Sunday match registration starts 12:00pm
Match starts 12:30pm
Match fee is $15.00

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