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2018 annual meeting to be held at the CSC facilities (indoor range) on January 11, at 7pm.  

Business at the annual meeting will include and be limited to voting on the 2018 board members and any proposed bylaw changes.

Remember your must be a current dues paid up member prior to the annual meeting to be eligible to attend.

2018 dues are due before the end of the year.  All memberships and range passes expire 01/01/2018.  Your badges will still work until March 1, 2018 but then they will be turned off if you have not paid your dues.

You must have a current range pass to maintain your back range access.

Custer Sportsmen’s Club has hired a maintenance person

We have hired Luke Rettmer (an accomplished member of the CSC Junior Rifle Team) to be our maintenance person for the grounds.  His job will develop into club grounds upkeep and repairs.  Luke will report to the Chief Executive Officer thru the On Duty Range Officer.  Please help us maintain the chain of command so we do not overwhelm Luke as he develops this job with us.  If you need Luke’s help go through Chris or Theron.


2017 Board of Directors

President:             Chaun Westrich

Vice President:     Jim Russell

CEO:                      Chris Nevins

Secretary:              Stu Chapman

Treasurer:             Trish Mitchell

Trustees:               Andi Dyer

                                Andrew Koch

                                Zack Marr

                                Lonnie Rose

                                Matt Pridachuk

                                Kerry Whitworth

                                Rusty Spiker

                                Brad Harris

Current Members may renew their membership online here: Current membership renewal 

This site is a secure site and you will receive a receipt via email.  Double check your information before you hit proceed on the first page and then after you enter your card info give the computer time to process it.  Do not hit send or enter a second time or you will be charged twice. If it does happen let us know.  Theron Lindsley or Jim Russell can refund your second payment but it takes a few days for the refund to show up.


Custer Sportsmen’s Club is a members only range. We invite you to join us as a member and enjoy the club shooting facilities.

We are open 365 days a year from 9am until 9pm or dusk as the days become shorter.

We have 6 shooting bays on the front line that range from 7 yards to 200 meters. We have bays for pistol and rifle shooters.

We welcome all calibers up to and including 50 caliber. Black powder shooters are welcome.

Stop in, fill out a membership application and take a range tour. Become a member and shoot with us.

We have competitive events every weekend for those interested or just some leisurely shooting with family and friends.

We have a beautiful clubhouse that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stop by and chat when you have time.

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