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PRS22 match for April 22nd has been postponed until May 27th

Custer Sportsmen’s Club has begun the process to purchase land adjoining to the north and west of the current club facilities. Custer has the funds to make this go and have secured financing. We are reaching out to see if there are members that would like to donate specifically to this land purchase down payment.  This will let the club continue to make improvements as we have done the last few years instead of tightening our belt for a few years.  You may donate at the club or on line as you choose.  Any amount is welcome from $5.00 and up.  The life time memberships associated with the land donation has reached the 50 member cut off.  Thank you all who were able to help out with this larger amounts.  Donations are still being accepted for any amount as it all helps.  The generosity of the members will allow the club to continue with the normal work plans for the 2018 budget.  You are amazing.

If you still wish to donate through the web page the link is here:








The 4th Annual Pacific Northwest Speed Steel is a happening.  The Flyer can be viewed here:  PNW Speed Steel Championship


Custer Sportsmen’s Club is a members only range. We invite you to join us as a member and enjoy the club shooting facilities.

We are open 365 days a year from 9am until 9pm or dusk as the days become shorter.

We have 6 shooting bays on the front line that range from 7 yards to 200 meters. We have bays for pistol and rifle shooters.

We welcome all calibers up to and including 50 caliber. Black powder shooters are welcome.

Stop in, fill out a membership application and take a range tour. Become a member and shoot with us.

We have competitive events every weekend for those interested or just some leisurely shooting with family and friends.

We have a beautiful clubhouse that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stop by and chat when you have time.

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