Canadian Shooters

BATF Changes Form 6 part 1 for importing firearms for competition by nonimmigrant aliens. the new form now called Form 6-NIA.  Canadian shooters can bring firearms into the US, but must get approval from the ATF first  

The 6-NIA form can be down loaded from the ATF web site below.  If you have any questions you can call the ATF at 1-304-616-4550   Form 6-NIA

Invitation letters: Email Custer Sportsmens Club for an invitation

Information for Foreign Visitors with Guns & Ammo

Recent changes in BATF regulations require non-immigrant aliens to have an approved import license to bring firearms and or ammunition into the United States. Although the text of the regulations states that competition shooting established an exemption from the licensing requirement, recent information from the BATF indicates that they are using their regulatory authority to override this exemption and require an approved ATF Form 6NIA from all visitors.

The BATF documentation also states that “any non-immigrant alien submitting a Form 6NIA must attach appropriate documentation to the application establishing that he or she falls within an exception to the prohibition on nonimmigrant aliens possessing or receiving firearms and ammunition (for example, a valid hunting license/permit lawfully issued in the United States or an invitation to a qualifying competitive target shooting event or sports or hunting trade show)” and “…the U.S. Customs Service will not release firearms or ammunition to a nonimmigrant alien, who is not in possession of an approved ATF import permit and documentation establishing that he or she falls within an exception to the non-immigrant alien prohibition.”

The ATF information site contains the necessary form 6NIA, as well as information on how to submit your application. As a temporary measure, the ATF is accepting Form 6 applications by fax to assist competitors obtain their paperwork in a timely manner.  Remembering that the post 911 events and subsequence Anthrax postal contamination of our Government offices, the Government is tell us that the postal service takes about 3 weeks for delivery.      

Custer has in place an invitation letter that can be sent out to people who qualify.  For more information about obtaining a letter please contact 
Chris Nevins

Because the regulations regarding nonimmigrant aliens became effective 2/19/02, temporarily, nonimmigrant aliens will be permitted to FAX their Form 6 import application to: Firearms and Explosives Import Branch 304-616-4554 . The faxed ATF Form 6 cannot be approved unless the other required documentation, e.g., hunting license, is also faxed with the Form 6 to the Imports Branch. Please ensure, when submitting the import application via Fax, that a contact telephone number and/or fax number is provided in case Imports Branch personnel need to contact you. In the future, the ATF Form 6, Import Permit, will have to be submitted via mail.

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