Membership Information

The initial CSC membership application must be filled out at the Range Office at which time you will pay your dues, watch a short safety video and take a safety tour of the front line.  You will be issued a RFID card at that time.  Any member who will be attending the range alone on your membership must have watched the safety video and had the front line tour before shooting.  

Initial memberships cannot be granted over the phone or by mail in applications

The following is information about the Custer Sportsmen’s Club membership for Calendar year 2017

Active LE and Active military are eligible to join CSC at a discounted rate.  Renewal and initial rates will be the same discounted rate.  Initial membership will require the same briefing as any other new member and back range access will retain all requirements of any other member.  LE will retain the access granted for Agency when training with the Agency instructors.




Level New Renewal
Individual $150 $90
Family $225 $105
Senior $130 $75
Senior Family $200 $90
Disabled $130 $75
Disabled Family $200 $80
Active LE and Military $75 $75

Lifetime Rates

Level Cost
Individual $2250
Family $3375
Senior or Disabled $1950
Senior or Disabled Family $3000

Range Pass

Level Cost
Individual $45
Family $60


  • Senior Members are 60+.
  • Family Memberships are Spouse, and all children living in household under age 21
  • Club membership is a revocable privilege.  You may be asked to serve on any committee for the betterment of the club.
  • With your signature you hereby attest that you are not prohibited by LOCAL, STATE, or FEDERAL LAW from possessing a firearm.
  • All memberships (except life memberships) and range passes expire December 31.
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