Directors & Officers

Officers of the Board

Position Name Phone  
President Jim Russell 360-961-8685  
Vice President Todd Epps 360-708-0033  
CEO Greg Markel 360-961-0926  
Treasurer Tony Blore 360-739-3656  
Secretary Marc Ambers 360-671-1643  


Two Year Trustees

Name Phone  
Lonnie Rose 360-220-5676  
Zack Mar 360-318-5582  
Andi Dyer 360-734-6479  
Richard Arden 360-684-4427  


One Year Trustees

 Name  Phone  
Matt Pridachuk  360-389-6753  
Bob Anderson 360-303-4384  
Jason James 360-303-8690  
John Asmundson 360-319-3306  


 Range Officers

Chief Range Officer Theron Lindsley 360-820-2511  
Range Officer Paul Wagenaar 360-305-2188  
Range Officer Dave Owens 360-220-8289  
Range Officer Verdie Wagenaar    


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