Custer’s Chain Blue Lightning

   Custers Chain Blue Lightning is a junior rifle shooting team specializing in speed steel.Shooting rifles as opposed to pistols in SASP allows us to start the kids at a younger age. Currently we are comprised of 10, 11 and 12 year olds. Primarily we shoot competitions put on by the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). We participate in all the club speed steel matches that happen on the 3rd Sat. of each month of the year. We participate in the Wa. state SASP championship match. The 2017/18 Season at State treated us well with an intermediate division win at 200.24 second team time. Just for reference the National champion team time for 2016/17 was 233 seconds so we have high expectations for the year. We will be participating in the upcoming Oregon St. championship match, SASP Nationals at Camp Perry Ohio as well as an ISSA regional championship match in Yakima later in the spring.

We also have a great team sponsor.  Tenex Inc. has been a true blessing for us, handling all our transfers and helping with our raffle. Thank you Tenex!! 


 We currently practice on Thurs evenings from 4pm to 6pm year round. Indoors in the winter transitioning to outdoors the 1st of April. The first priority for the team is teaching the kids how to operate safely with firearms and at the various shooting ranges we shoot at. This is multi faceted at all levels. We have found that a regimented routine is paramount to safety which ultimately leads the kids to very successful shooting.

The team operates under USPSA Scholastic Steel Challege Rules 

  Greg Markel and Todd Epps tackle the coaching duties with strong parental support which we would have a hard time without. We have a raffle one time per year which is our primary team fundraiser.  We rely heavily on and would like to thank the Custer Sportsman Club membership and executive committee for their ongoing support and giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful place like Custer to shoot at. 

  If this program is something that you would like to hear more about first hand please feel free to give me a call 360-961-0926. Thanks

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