Steel Challenge


Please come out and join us for the Custer Sportsmen’s Clubs monthly Steel Challenge events!

Steel Challenge is beginner friendly environment to take your shooting skills to the next step and apply them in competition. If you are able to safely handle your firearm then you’re ready to compete in Steel Challenge. You will be competing alongside people of all ages who all share the same goal of developing their shooting skills.

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association(SCSA) is part of United States Practical Shooting Association(USPSA). Steel Challenge is often referred to as “Drag racing with guns”. The top competitors in the sport are some of the faster shooters in the nation. Steel Challenge events fall into different levels, Local (Tier 1), State (Tier 2) Regional (Tier 3) and National (Tier 4). An event may consist of one or more matches (Centerfire Pistol, Rimfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle and Pistol Caliber Carbine). A competitor may compete in one or more matches within an event.  Competitors will be placed into Divisions and Categories. Competition Divisions group competitors together based on firearm characteristics (firearm type, sights, etc.). Competition Categories group competitors together by Personal characteristics (age, gender, etc.).

Our monthly Steel Challenge events are Tier I and will consists of 6 stages. A stage is an array of 5 steel targets consisting of some combination of 10” Round, 12” Round and 18” X 24” Rectangle targets shot at varying distances from 21 feet to 105 feet. Each stage will consist of 5 strings of fire. Each shot fired will be from a 3” X 3” shooting box. For an example of the types of stages you might encounter please take a look at the Photos/Videos tab. Our matches will have a minimum of 2 classifier stages. You do not need of USPSA to participate in our monthly event, but if you would like your scores to count towards a SCSA classification you will need to Join USPSA.


Matches are held on the third Saturday of every month.

Please check the club calendar and Custer Sportsmen’s Clubs Facebook page for current information.

Registration: 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM
Match Start: 10:00 AM



Matches are conducted under the Steel Challenge rules.

For current rule book please go the Steel Challenge Shooting Association website.

Discipline Chair:  Jim Coffey

(425) 308-9355

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