Varmint Rifle

            2018 VARMINT RIFLE MATCH

Chairman John Urban (360) 305-8885, e-mail 

MATCH FEE:  Custer members $15, non-members $18.  Cash prizes will be awarded. There must be at least 2 shooters in a class for a prize to be awarded.

CLASSES will be determined by Rests:  standard and unrestricted – see rules listed below. 

YOUTH SHOOTERS must have an adult (18 years or older) with them while they are shooting or handling a firearm. 

DISABLED RIFLE a shooter may only change rifle during the match if the rifle has been declared disabled by the Range Officer.      

COURSE OF FIRE:  All firing at 200 yards from a bench using fore-end support, rear support optional.

Match is 40 rounds plus sighters.  Time limit is 45 minutes to shoot Stages 1, 2 & 3.

STAGE 1:   10 shots slow fire at a 5-bull IBS-H/2 Hunter 200-yd target.  This target has a sighting bull which can be used any time, unlimited number of sighting shots.

STAGE 2:   10 shots at a life-size woodchuck profile target. No sighters.

STAGE 3:   10 shots slow fire (same as Stage 1).

STAGE 4:   Fire 1 shot at 10 bobbing prairie dog targets which are displayed in random order.  Each shot is taken as the target is exposed for 3 seconds. You have 10 seconds to reload and prepare for the next shot.


1.  Standard Rests 

Rifles are fired utilizing sand bag front rests which may be supported on a pedestal that does not co-act with the sand bag to restrict upward and/or rearward movement, and rear rests comprised of a sand bag which supports the rifle between the rear of the pistol grip and the toe of the butt stock. The front rest may NOT be attached in any way to the rear rest. The rear rest must not be mechanical in nature. The front or the rear rest may NOT be attached to the table.

GUIDING MEANS will NOT be allowed. Any device, addition, contour or dimension on any rifle of any class, designed or adapted to co-act with mating or reciprocal features of a rest to guide its return to firing position shall be conclusively deemed to constitute guiding means.

2.  Unrestricted Rests may incorporate guiding means and adjustments for elevation and windage in either or both components. Unrestricted rests may be of one-piece construction for front and rear. Rests may NOT be attached to the bench.


CSC Bay 6 Front Line

Matches are held the 3rd Saturday of the month. Please check the Custer Calendar on the web page for changes and updates.


Chairman John Urban (360) 305-8885,

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