Defensive Hand Gun

This firearms training course will teach you the fundamentals required to perform defensive handgun handling with safety, speed, and accuracy’s. On completion of the course you will be able to draw, and accurately shoot 2 rounds in under 2 seconds.


To teach new and experienced shooters the 12 basic steps to fast accurate shooting, the 6 basic step to drawing your gun from a holster, and how to effectively recover from any one of the 3 major malfunctions, and to reload both tactically and  in an emergency situation.   

Course Goals

To teach you how to effectively draw, and accurately shoot a target at 3, 5, 10, and 15 yards in 2- 2.3-2.8- & 3.0 seconds.

Class Materials Needed

  • Gun of your choice, holster, magazines (min 2) magazine holder and firm belt
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Ammunition (min 500 rounds)
  • It is recommended that your gun be a minimum of 9mm.
  • The day can be long and hot, so bring lots of water and enough food to keep your energy up.


The following Business or individuals have contacted the Custer Sportsmen’s Club and presented insurance and certificates of instruction as well as willingness to teach this class. Custer Sportsmen’s Club has authorize these vendors to use the Custer Sportsmen’s Club Facilities to teach this course.

Content of the course is determined by the individual vendor and is not determined by the Custer Sportsmen’s Club.

For information from a particular instructor contact information is below:

Custer Firearms Academy Rick Naslund 360-303-9519, Clark Cotner 360-371-7900

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