Level III Practical Training Course Advanced


  1. Movement
  2. Target acquisition
  3. Transitioning from point to point
  4. Mag changes static, &  moving 
  5. 30 to 36 round course of fire
  6. Course of fire evaluation

Class Materials Needed

  • 400, rd’s of ammo, gun, holster, mag holder for belt
  • Eye and ear protection


The following Business or individuals have contacted the Custer Sportsmen’s Club and presented insurance and certificates of instruction as well as willingness to teach this class. Custer Sportsmen’s Club has authorize these vendors to use the Custer Sportsmen’s Club Facilities to teach this course.

Content of the course is determined by the individual vendor and is not determined by the Custer Sportsmen’s Club.

For information from a particular instructor contact information is below:

Custer Firearms Academy Rick Naslund 360-303-9519


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