Juniors Set Records at Custer — Largest Steel Match To Date!

Custer Sp
Scholastic Pistol Program_logoortsmen’s Club hosted the largest steel match of the year so far on May 21 by combining the Scholastic Action Shooting Program Washington State Championship with its regularly-scheduled speed steel match. Custer has hosted a com
bined event for several years, but as the SASP program grows, the match has grown with it. Speed Steel Chair Ron Elliot, Scholastic Speed Steel Chair Robin Taylor, and Custer President Rick Naslund worked together to iron out the bugs for this unexpectedly-big showing, creating a truly extraordinary match.

With NINETY-ONE entries, this match ranks among the largest matches ever held at Custer. More than half the entries were kids and the parents/coaches representing three Washington teams, plus another from Oregon. (Custer’s Team Gotta, the Renton Steel Dragons, Monroe’s Sky Valley Marksmen, and Spray, Oregon’s Wheeler County Rangers.) The bowling pin side match orchestrated by bowling pin chairman Gerald Rutgers saw a whopping 41 entries as well, making it easily the largest pin match of the year.

A food vendor was on-site in addition to the usual by-donation snack table (a necessity, given this was an all-day 8-stage affair). Afterwards, the kids enjoyed a random-draw prize table of donated wares from Tactical Solutions, Hornady, Taylor Freelance, and Yeager’s Sporting Goods (among others).

Congratulations go to the Renton Steel Dragons varsity squad, who not only won the match, they broke the national course record previously held by Custer’s Team Gotta by more than 1 second. Renton’s Christian Sailer led the effort, scoring a lightning-fast 36.11. That’s faster than any other shooter of any age in the 2,000-strong SASP program!

Custer’s Jake Overstreet came in right behind Sailer, shooting a 36.34 — his best score to date, and the third-fastest score ever fired.

Custer’s middle-school team also put itself in the record books, finishing second overall and scoring the fastest time on record for a middle school team. Among them you’ll find Naomi McKay — top female shooter in the match, and currently the No. 1-rated middle school athlete in the program.

Bravo one and all!

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