Bowling Pin Tops and Pin Minor



The format for Pin Tops and Pin Minor will be the round robin style. That means you get to shoot person on person against every shooter there.  So bring lots of ammo (@ 200 rounds). We will break for lunch after the Pin Top match and then start the Pin Minor match around 12:30 pm or shortly there after.   Signed: Gerald 



Held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
9:30 am registration for Pin Tops (.22 caliber only) Match begins at 10:00 am.

After the match (around 12:30 pm or so) registration begins for Pin Minor (all centerfire calibers up to and including .40)

Cost is $5.00 per match.
Bring about 200 rounds per match (lead or JHP ammo, please)

Bowling Pin Tops/Pin Minor Competition Dates 

Second Saturday of the Each Month

  • January No Match Scheduled
  • February No Match Scheduled
  • December No Match Scheduled



Discipline Chair:  Gerald Rutgers

(360) 354-3584

Assistant Chair  Todd Epps

(360) 708-0033


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