Bowling Pin Tops and Pin Minor


The format for Pin Tops and Pin Minor will be the round robin style. That means you get to shoot person on person against every shooter there.  So bring lots of ammo (@ 200 rounds)

The Pin Tops Match is 22 LR caliber handgun only.

Start with handgun at the “low ready”.

In this match, just the top 5 inches cut from a regulation size bowling pin are the targets.

There are 5 of these placed on a 4 feet x 8 feet steel table and 10 yards from the shooter.

Only 2 competitors at a time will shoot. First one to knock all pin tops off of the table receives 1 point. Each competitor will shoot twice against each of the other competitors. At the end of the match, the shooter with the most points claims bragging rights.

The Pin Minor Match is handgun only center fire calibers up to 40 S&W (no magnums).

Start with handgun at the “low ready”.

The targets in this match are regulation size bowling pins (sometimes with the tops cut off), 5 per table as in the Pin Tops above and 10 yards from the shooter.

Accumulation of points is the same as with the Pin Tops match above.

Held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Back Range Bay 7

9:30 am Safety Meeting for Pin Tops

Match begins at 10:00 am.

Cost is $15.00 per match.

12:15 pm Safety meeting for Pin Minor Match

12:30 pm Pin Minor Match begins

Cost is $15.00 per match

Register and pay on starting at 7am on the Tuesday before the match date

Please contact Match Director

Match Director : Kenny Parker

360- 366-3150

At this time, Match results are available and shared on match day