Falling Plates

Do you like to experience side by side competition? The following describes the general idea of how, when and where the competition will be conducted. These notes and ideas may change with your input and with practical experience.

The Falling Plate match will be held in the Bowling Pin Bay on the first Saturday of each month. Register on Practiscore.com by searching “Custer”. The competition starts at 10:00 AM. If you are just shooting pistol than we hope to be done by 1pm.  If you are shooting rifle then expect to be done by 3pm depending on the number of shooters.

Each plate rack will have six plates on 14-inch centers. Plates vary from six inches in diameter to four inches. Each match the stop and start plate will vary in size and be placed in a different position.

Any rim fire 22 pistol can be used during the pistol portion of the competition and any rim fire 22 rifle can be used during the rifle stage.

The cost to participate will be $15 for the first gun and $10 for the second gun.

The match will be conducted using a round-robin format (every shooter will shoot three sets of plates against every other shooter and one point will be awarded for each table that is won and ½ point for a draw). Also if both shooters shoot out of order (start or stop plate in the wrong sequence) this will be called a loss for both shooters.

If there are more than 14 shooters, we will break up into two groups. Each group will shoot a round-robin format. The winner of each group will then have a shoot off and the winner will be match winner.

Falling Plates Matches are held on the 1st Saturday of the month.  A shooter does not have to be a CSC member to participate. Please watch the Club Calendar on the web page for changes and cancellations.

Discipline Chairmen:

Tom Sutton

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