What is USPSA?

Simply the most exciting shooting sport in existence!

Maybe you’re tired of the same old stand-‘n’-shoot at the same old targets, over, and over, and over. Or perhaps you’ve exercised your right to own a defensive handgun, acquired a concealed carry license, and are now wondering where and how you can hone your defensive pistolcraft skills, in a sporting, environment?

Accuracy, power, speed…Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas… “DVC” embodies the very essence of this sport…How fast can you shoot a full-power handgun? How accurately? Can you determine the right mix of speed and accuracy when confronted with a practical scenario?

“USPSA” stands for the “United States Practical Shooting Association.” USPSA is the American body of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, or IPSC – and, in fact, you will still hear USPSA shooting referred to as “IP-sik” today, even though USPSA operates under a different rulebook.

USPSA courses of fire are designed to be realistic and diverse. USPSA is freestyle and presents you with an infinite variety of scenarios to which you provide your own best solution. Unlike nearly every other shooting sport, power, points and time are all factored equally. Course designers mix props such as walls, barricades, doors, tables, and automobiles, just to name a few; targets can be full or partial with no-shoots, steel reactive and/or moving, at distances from 1 to 50 yards. Other than standardized targets and long-proven safety rules, you’ll never know what you’re up against ‘til you get to the match!

As with any shooting sport, safety comes first and foremost – always. USPSA and its affiliated clubs practice safe gun handling under pressure, and they demand the same of others. All competitors must successfully complete a safety check before they are allowed to shoot in any USPSA competition. Click HERE to learn what you’ll need for, and what to expect at, your safety check…

All you need to get started is a 9mm or larger handgun, a safe holster, and reloading devices and a means to carry them; there’s a division for you to compete in with whatever you carry today…

To learn more about the biggest, most exciting shooting sport in existence, please visit USPSA’s site.   You can download a current rulebook HERE.  You can view an introductory video HERE.

The Northwest Section site has some terrific information on Getting Started in USPSA Shooting.

Matches are held on the first Sunday of each Month. Please check the Custer Calendar on the web page for changes and updates.

Practiscore Registration
Match starts at 9:00 am or 10:00 am
Match Dependent refer to current match sign up for proper start time.

• Custer Sportsmen’s Club is one of six Northwest Washington USPSA practical shooting clubs in The Northwest Section of USPSA’s Area 1, ranging from Puyallup in the south, to Custer in the north.

• With six venues operating on a coordinated schedule, “Team Northwest” boasts regularly-scheduled USPSA pistol matches on the 1st Saturdays and 1st-4th Sundays of every month…

• For more information about the Northwest Section, please visit their website HERE…  

You must have a safety check before you can shoot IPSC 

Click here to register for a safety class

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Custer Sportsmen’s Club Match Results are listed in Practiscore.  Follow the link and type Custer in the search box.  A list will appear with the match results by date.