Practical Rifle

Welcome to Custer Sportsmen’s Club Practical Rifle. This match is where USPSA and 3-Gun style shooting meet. This is an OUTLAW match where we have a set of rules to follow (see rule link) but do not 100% mimic the USPSA or 3-Gun Nation platform. The intent of this match is NOT to turn it into a “gaming” match like USPSA or 3-Gun. We would like to encourage you to bring out those home defense rifles that have been collecting dust in the corner of your safe and come out and compete. There are (13) divisions to choose from. At the match, you will see anything from an $80 Mosin Nagant, traditional AR/AK, up to a Russian SVD rifle or BELT-FED FN M249. You can even bring out your Grandpa’s old Winchester lever-action 30-30!

Our 1st goal at Custer is SAFETY. For this match, you will be REQUIRED to attend, and successfully complete a Practical Rifle safety check. Contact the Match Director to arrange a time. Safety checks CAN NOT be done on match day.

Matches are held on the second Sunday of each month.  

Register on by searching “Custer” to see upcoming matches.

Matches are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month. A shooter does not have to be a CSC member to participate. Please check the Custer Calendar on the web page for changes and updates.

Match Time Schedule:

Shooter Meeting: 9:50am
Match Starts: 10am


Registration $25
Register on by searching “Custer” for upcoming matches.


Todd Epps

Results for each match will be posted at