Cowboy Action Shooting

What is Cowboy Action Shooting all about?

Think the 1800’s, a time of gun slingers, cowboys, saloons, horses, and cowgirls.  Join us and see how the west was really won. (well, sort of)  It’s always a great day when you spend it with six guns, rifle and shotgun in a relaxed day of friendly shooting competition.

The truly unique aspect of Cowboy Action Shooting is the requirement that all participants dress in period western costumes (1820 to 1890) and shoot under an alias.  A minimum costume includes cowboy boots, Levis, a western shirt, scarf, and hat.  (No tennis shoes, Velcro, nylon, baseball caps or such.)  Alias’ can be from fact or fiction, historical or imaginary.

Contestants shoot at steel and cardboard targets.  Scores are based on accuracy and time.

Matches are on the 4th Sunday of each month.

Registration starts at 9:00 AM – Match Starts at 10:00 AM.  Finish up about 2:00 PM.

Match fee is $15.00 US.   Fun is free.

Categories: Junior, Senior, Ladies, Gunfighter, Duelist, Traditional, Black Powder & Wild Bunch.

What you will need.

Revolvers:  2 single action revolvers, with fixed or adjustable sights, 32 cal. or larger and safe western style holsters.  No nylon or plastic.  We do not fast draw from the holster.

Rifle:  A lever action, iron sights, tubular magazine rifle, 25 cal. or larger.  It should hold a minimum of 8 rounds, 10 rounds preferable, no maximum.  It must be pistol caliber  32-20, 38-40, 44-40, 45 colt, 38 special, 357 Mag. or 44 Mag., (no 30-30, 30-06, 45-70 or the like)

Shotgun:  A shotgun 20 gauge or larger, double barreled, (no automatic ejector) or a Winchester model 97 or other exposed hammer pump or lever action shotgun.

Ammo required -50 rds rifle, 50 rds pistol, and 50 shotgun.  We suggest bring a little extra.

No jacketed bullets, rifle, pistol, and shotgun loads must be capable of knocking down steel targets.  Minimum muzzle energy of 220 ft lb. with a muzzle energy of 270 ft lb.  Revolver ammunition is limited to muzzle velocity of 1000 ft/sec.  Rifle ammunition limited to a velocity of less than 1400 ft/sec.  Shotgun ammunition limited to #6 shot or smaller.

If you’re new to Cowboy Action Shooting, or just interested in learning more about it, give us a call, or visit a match.  Custer Renegades welcomes and accommodates new shooters.  We want to encourage new shooters and are happy to help you get started.  However a match is not the place to learn to shoot or try your equipment.  Before participating in a match you must know basic gun safety and range safety and have basic gun handling skills.  You must be reasonably accurate, being able to hit a 12-in. target with your revolver at 10 yds and with your rifle at 25 yds.  Further we recommend if you are just getting started, don’t buy gear until you have been to a match and see what others are using.

Everyone including spectators, must also have eye and ear protection.

Before actually participating in a match, you must have a range safety check under the supervision of the Cowboy Chairman or a delegated Range Officer.
These checks are usually carried out by appointment on the Saturday preceding a match.

The Custer Renegades are guided by the rules of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Their web site,  has lots more of information about Cowboy Action Shooting.

Cowboy Matches are held on the 4th Sunday of each month.  Please watch the Club Calendar on the web page for changes and cancellations.                   

Discipline Chairman
Gordon Bennett (Hogwash)

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