Firearms Training

Custer Sportsmen’s Club does not currently offer training courses of its own.  We do however have a number of outside vendors that are authorized to train at our facility.  These vendors have provided the club with proof of insurance and certificates of instructor status for the certified classes they teach to the club.

There are NRA Certified Classes, Competition orientated classes, safety orientated classes, personal defense classes and classes for the back range competitions which include the required safety information to gain permission to shoot in the back range events and also insight into techniques for these competitions.

There are more classes available from these instructors, please check their web site or give them a call to see what they offer.


Custer is proud to be associated with a number of skilled instructors that are listed below.  A few have web sites and we have provided links to those web sites as well as phone. 

Instructors Certified to teach at Custer Sportsmen’s Club are:

Custer Fire Arms Academy   360-303-9519


Legion Dynamics Training & Consulting Inc  360-224-9343



Hunter Education and Hunter Education Field Evaluation


Whatcom Firearms Training LLC   360-201-0280


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