Speed Steel


Expect six stages of steel shooting action (150 rounds required, bring 200+). Match starts at 10:00 am, and carbine shooters are welcome. Match fee is $20, $5 for an extra gun (one extra gun only, please), junior fee is $10.00.  Donations above that number happily accepted!  Questions? 


Have you ever had a day where you said at it’s end, “Dang, I had a great time!”

Speed Steel is the easiest of all forms of “competition shooting” – all you need to do is shoot. We shoot at steel plates anywhere from 7 to 20 yards away. Generally the targets are big, close, and not terribly difficult.

You’ll start standing behind a table, muzzle pointed at orange cone.  On signal, you’ll raise the gun and shoot shoot five steel plates as quickly as you can. (Keep shooting until you get them all.) We’ll record how long it took for you to shoot all five, then have you repeat the process until you have five “runs.” (We discard your slowest run.)

Then you’ll move to another shooting area (each area is called a “stage”), which has another set of five steel plates (different shapes, different sizes) and you’ll do it all again.

By about 2:00 p.m. you’ll have shot six “stages” for a total of 150 shots (minimum). We’ll add up all six “stages,” and the person with fastest total time wins! Scores are posted to the Custer website during the week following the match.

What Sort of Gun Do I Need?

Most any pistol-caliber bullet launcher will do. We recognize separate divisions for:

“stock” .22 pistols,
“open” .22 pistols (that have a scope or similar add-on),
“stock” centerfire pistols (typical 9mm, .40, or .45 semi-autos),
“open” centerfire pistols,
pistol caliber carbines (PCC)
and revolvers

When you look at the results, you’ll see divisions marked as follows:

22—-22 cal pistol Division
S —-Stock Gun
O —-Open Gun
PCC—Pistol Caliber Carbine
C—–Cowboy (Single Action Revolver)
XX-2 2nd score for the same division

Required Equipment:

Eye and Ear protection (even if you’re just watching)
A serviceable firearm with 250 rounds of ammunition
At least three (preferably five) magazines or speed loaders
A case for your firearm



Our .22 shooters never use holsters, and only our most-advanced centerfire shooters (with safety checks) draw loaded guns. Most of us don’t even wear a holster, much less draw from one.



Because Speed Steel is so simple, there is no required “safety check” to participate (unless you are drawing from a holster)– but please let us know that you’re new. We want you to be safe AND successful, so we try to buddy up new players with friendly people who can explain things and guide you through the match.

If you’re just not comfortable shooting a match for the first time, contact Ron Elliot and ask about getting someone to show you the ropes. Often we can connect you with a volunteer, or a private instructor – but in general, specific training isn’t needed. If you can shoot well enough to keep most of your shots on an 8.5” by 11” piece of paper at 15 yards, you have all the marksmanship training you need.


Matches are held on 3rd Saturday of every month.   Please check the Custer Calendar on the web page for changes and updates.


Registration time 9:30 am

Match starts at 10:00 am



Chairman:  Ron Elliot

(360) 319-7042


Jim Coffey

(425) 308-9355


Registration time 9:30 am

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