Steel Challenge

Expect six-eight stages of steel shooting action. Match starts at 9:00 am, and carbine shooters are welcome. Match registration fee is $25 and $15 for a second division (one additional division only, please). Junior (17yo and under) registration fee is $15.00 and $10 for a second division.


Steel Challenge is the easiest of all forms of “competition shooting” – all you need to do is shoot.

You’ll start with your muzzle pointed at orange cone or with your firearm holstered.  On signal, you’ll raise or draw the firearm and shoot five steel plates as quickly as you can. Keep shooting until you get them all!

Then you’ll move to another shooting area (each area is called a “stage”), which has another set of five steel plates (different shapes, different sizes and distances) and you’ll do it all again.

By about 2:00 p.m. you’ll have shot six to eight stages. We’ll add up your time for all of the stages, and the person with fastest total time wins! Scores are posted to Practiscore during the week following the match.

Required Equipment:

Eye and Ear protection (even if you’re just watching)
A pistol-caliber firearm with 250-300 rounds of ammunition
At least three (preferably five) magazines or speed loaders
A case/bag or holster for your firearm


No, our .22 shooters do not use holsters.

Safety Check

All shooters new to CSC matches must be safety checked to ensure that everyone is safe and prepared. Please email to receive the Welcome Email with all the info you need to get started.

Registration and Squadding

Register on Practiscore (opens at 7am on the Tuesday prior to match day).

Matches are held on 3rd Saturday of every month. A shooter does not have to be a CSC Member to participate.  Please check the Custer Calendar on the web page for changes and updates.

Match Time Schedule

Shooters Meeting 8:50 am
Match Starts at 9am

Steel Challenge Rules

Summer Jones

Results for each match will be posted at